Fotografia – recent work

We process our photos in Adobe Lightroom and upload the photo’s that we would like to share on our SmugMug website. Our most recent photo series are listed here below. Please click on the headings to go to the gallery in SmugMug. Clicking on the photos will bring you to the light box.

Ghent, Belgium

Møns Klint, Denmark

Møns Klint is a spectacular landscape on the eastern side of the island Møn with cliffs that are six kilometers long. The white cliffs rise to a height of 126 meters from the turquoise green Baltic.

Møns Klintll
Denmark, Møn














Beach huts, the island Ærø, Denmark

The beach huts are situated at two places on Ærø: at Erikshale in Marstal and at Vesterstrand in Ærøskøbing. At both places the huts are beautiful, distinctive and well-maintained down to the smallest detail. The plots, on which the beach huts are built – are rented indefinitely. And the clauses are strict: no extensions and no installation of electricity or water.


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