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Through this post we would like to share with you links to photographers and photo sites that do inspire us and hopefully will also inspire you in your photographic journey. Please feel free to send us a link of a photographer that inspires you a lot.  Please click on the name of the photographer or name of the website and then you will be automatically linked.


Maria Joao Arcanjo. Maria Joao is from Lisbon, Portugal. I do not know much more about her, but I have seen work of her on different websites and I admire her work. She is writing on one of the websites: “I share moments and emotions: I use photos for that”. She is just great in people photography, both in B&W and colour. Please visit as well these two websites where you will find her photo’s: and

Alessandro Bergamini was born in Finale Emilia in Italy, in 1986. He started photography with an old reflex camera of his father and from there his artistic and spiritual journey began. I saw his photos on Instagram and when I visited his website I discovered the fantastic photos of his travels to India, Birma, Ethiopia, China. In his photos Alessandro is able to express the maximum of atmosphere  of his journeys, with a great respect for the people he is photographing. His colour work is real top. His work was also published in National Geographic and Digital Camera.

Ebru Ceylan was born in Ankara, Turkey, 1976. She started photography in 1992 in Ankara and she had solo exhibitions in Turkey and Europe and participated in group exhibitions and won man awards. She participated in several films of Nuri Bilge Ceylan as actress, scriptwriter and art director. She is going on making films and photographs.

Nikos Economopoulos was born in the Peloponnese, Greece. He studied law in Parma, Italy, and worked as a journalist. In 1988 he started photographing in Greece and Turkey, and eventually abandoned journalism in order to dedicate himself to photography. He joined Magnum in 1990. His work is a great inspiration for me. I can not make a selection for you. I love all his work.

Jean-Baptiste Pellerin (new) just recently “discovered” Jean-Baptiste through the newsletter of British Journal of Photography. There was a link to an article about the backtothestreet project and it opened with the heading “I want to make you look at the wonderful people all around you”. And that is what Jean-Baptiste is capturing in his photos. Street photography “pur sang”. Highly recommended!

Willem Wernsen. Dutch photographer. I follow him for quite some years. He is of about the same age. For me he is one of the best Street Photographers of the Netherlands. But his portraits and social documentary work is also of a very high standard. He is a master in black & white photography. His device is “ I look with my eyes, I see with my soul“. Willem Wernsen published 4 books.

Vanessa Winship (born 1960) is a British photographer, who works on long term projects of portrait, landscape, reportage and documentary photography. I very much like her book Sweet Nothings: The Schoolgirls from the Borderlands of Eastern Anatolia (2007), which I gave once as a present to Yvonne and her friend. The photos in this book I can look at, over and over again.

Chris Terry. (new) Chris Terry is a London based Photographer shooting celebrities, portraits, food and travel for advertising, magazines and books.I got to know about Chris Terry through an article by Tim Clinch in Black+White Photography. What Tim said in his article is very true: You are left with a sense that here is a photographer who cares about stuff.

Takis Tloupas, 1920 – 2003. When we lived in Greece we bought the book ” Greece through the lens of Takis Tloupas”. With his scooter he traveled all over Greece photographing the most beautiful corners, from Pineios river and Lake Karla, to Skopelos and Crete. Milestone in his career is the award in 1994, from by the Ministry of Culture, where together with other 50 personalities of Literature and Arts, he was honored for his contribution to cultural life. We are really touched by his photos of Greece. The valuable material of Takis Tloupas is archived and is available to anyone interested in his photography Studio that has now Tloupas daughter Vania, who as a photographer continues the tradition in the art of photography. Through Vania we bought two photos of Takis Touplas, which have a prominent place in our house in Zeeland.

Raffaele Monepaone was born on May 5, 1980 in Vibo Valentia, Italy. We first saw Raffaele’s work in an article in the Black & White Photo Magazine about centennials in Calabria and then visited his web site. The project Life he worked on is awesome. Raffaele is a very talented photographer.

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