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We travelled through Belgium many times on our way to South Europe and we visited Antwerp many times, however we never spend time and efforts to make photos in Belgium. Since we have more time nowadays and we  live so close to Belgium we have planned to make frequent visits to, in particular the beautiful cities, in Flanders, e.g. Antwerp, Brugge, Gent and Mechelen. We also started with a new project in Belgium “In Flanders Fields”, taking photos of the remains of the Great War.





In 2016 we bought a camper bus and the first trips we made were to Bretagne and later to the Provence and Languedoc in France. When we were young(er) we have spent many holidays in France, in the Auvergne and Normandy and Bretagne. Also for our work we have visited  Paris, Lyon and Marseille. We have only good memories of that time. Regretfully not too many photos, since life was not digital then.

Bretagne was a revisiting tour for us, whereas the Provence and Languesdoc were new. The amount of photos are limited, since we also had to take care of our two dogs during these travels and they are a bit “high maintenance” sometimes.




Greece is special for us. We lived in Greece from 1993 – 1999. We lived in Kifisia, a suburb of Athens. During the six years that we lived in Greece we fell in love with the country. The culture, the people, the food and Greek music made our stay an unforgettable experience. We only have a few photos of that period in our Greek folder. Scanning is an  issue. Most photos are from visits we made after 1999. In September and October 2017 we have been travelling with our camper on Greece’s mainland.





Italy is like Greece very special for us. We lived in Italy from 1999-2005 and from 2010-2012. We lived in a small community, Salvano, which  belongs to Palazzago a village in the vicinity of Bergamo. In 2015 we stayed also for two months in Lecce. Living and working in Italy was an unforgettable experience. Italy is so rich from a cultural point of view. The Italian people have been so nice to us. And what should we say about Italian food?  From the period 1999-2005 we do not have many photos. We filmed at that time and we still have some scanning to do of our old negative films.





Nederland, our home country. Most of the photos are taken after having spent 14 years abroad, in Greece and Italy. We live with our two dogs in the province of Zeeland. A very quiet place to live. Surrounded by the sea. We feel very much at home here and we have a lovely old house with a big garden.

We have  started to work on a few series of Dutch cities. As you may notice Amsterdam is still missing, but is of course on the agenda.




We have been traveling in Portugal during four holidays and we love this country. We feel at home in mediterranean countries. We try to stay away from the very touristic places, and very much like to travel around and find authentic places. In 2019 we toured through Portugal for the first time with our camper and it was just great. All the treasures of Portugal, e.g. the landscape, the sea, the people, the food and the fado music make this country the paradise it is .





Since we bought our buscamper we travel every year to Scandinavia. In 2017 – 2019 we have been traveling in Denmark. We follow the Margueritruten, an autoroute through Denmark of about. 3.700 km’s. We started off in Jutland and  then we went to the islands of Ærø, Funen, Langeland, Lolland, Falster, Møn, Sjælland and Samsø. Denmark is a very beautiful country and has all ingredients that we so much like: the sea, the coast, islands, nice rural areas, friendly people and space to breath and travel.

In 2019 we have made a round trip, starting in Denmark, though South-West  Norway and we ended in the south of Sweden on the island of Öland. It was a fantastic trip. It is our plan to travel in Scandinavia every year and explore Scandinavia further. It has so much to offer and we have only seen a small part of it yet. The nature is stunning. The weather might be a challenge sometimes.

We are now in the process of uploading our photos. Norway is almost done. We are now working on our photos of Sweden. A travelogue of our trip will soon be published.



Bodegas in Dueñas


Spain, like the other mediterranean countries, is a place where  we like to be and feel at home. We have been many times in Spain and visited many places. In earlier days we were there for work, but also traveled around on holidays. Regretfully, you will not find  photos from the early days here, since these photos have not been digitalised. In 2018 we have traveled with our camper in the north of Spain and in 2019 in the Extremadura. We will for sure make more journeys in this beautiful country, which is so rich when it comes to nature, culture and history.




United Kingdom

Regretfully only one gallery of UK. We hope that one day we are brave enough to travel with our camper through Britain. Brave to drive on the wrong side of the road.





Various Countries

In the galleries in this folder, you will find only a limited number of photos. Adriaan was visiting many countries for business, regretfully there was only limited time for making photographs. It is a pity not to have made more photos in Middle East, US, India and China.






In this folder we would like to publish galleries that will focus on specific topics. We will on a regular basis update the galleries and add new galleries.