Fotografia – Story “The olive mountain”

The olive mountain

Our friend Anastasia has her roots in Greece, the island of Mytilini. Every year in December she travels to Mytilini to harvest the olives at the farmland of her father. She is harvesting the olives in a traditional way. The olive yard cannot be reached by car, since the olive trees are on a mountain. After the olives are harvested, they are transported with a donkey to the land of the shepherd where the car is able to come. Then to the small factory in the village. The olives are then pressed to olive oil. The olive oil is transported to Holland where the olive oil is bottled. Yvonne has been to Mytilini three times to help her friend and I have been there regretfully only once. But the planning is to join Anastasia with her husband Jos more frequently in the future.

The photos below are from our trip in December 2011. More photos can be found on


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