Portugal 2019

Sao Pedro das Cabecas

In March and April 2019 we have been traveling with our buscamper on the Iberian peninsula.  A nice journey which started in the Extremadura in Spain and then we traveled through Portugal. In Portugal we started our journey in our so beloved Alentejo region. Then towards the most southwestern point of the Iberian Peninsula, Cabo The São Vicente. We continued our journey along the Atlantic coast and partly inlands northward. And finally traversing the north of Portugal, along the river Douro, direction Spanish border (Chaves), where our journey ended. Lisbon, Porto, certain parts of the Alentejo and the Algarve we have visited in earlier years and therefore not visited this time but of course well worth a trip.

When you click on this link you will be directed to our photo gallery with our photo’s of Portugal: SmugMug. The photos of the Extremadura are published in our Spain galleries. Here below an extract of our comprehensive photo gallery on SmugMug.

Bulbjerg, Denmark
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