Sweden 2020 – Fårö

Helgumannen Fiskeläge

After a long period of semi-quarantine and privately a difficult time we could at the end of august finally travel with our buscamper to Sweden. Because of Covid-19 Sweden was for a long period an orange country, but at the end of august it turned yellow. We choose Sweden, since we felt southern Europe was a too high risk and Scandinavia is quiet and less populated. The good thing is that we can avoid a lot of unwanted contacts, because we travel with our buscamper. We decided to visit Gotland. Last year we visited Öland and we expected that Gotland would be as beautiful as Öland. And it is! We travelled for almost 4 weeks on Gotland, the small island Fårö, which is close to Gotland and we went back to Öland as well. We will publish a travelogue of our journey later. And since we made so many photos we now only publish photos of Fårö, where we stayed regretfully for a too short period. We simply have to revisit Fårö again.

Here below some photos of our Fårö series. More can be seen here: Fårö

Rauks in the Langhammer Naturreservat

Helgumannen Fiskeläge

Gamla Hamn Naturreservat

Farmhouse and sheepfold