Travelogue – Provence France 2017

Camper Travelogue – France / Provence 2017

Period 26 March 2017 – 9 April 2017. Distance: 3,780 km.

Photo gallery

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  • Zeeland – Géraudot
  • Géraudot – Mirmande
  • -Mirmande – Pont du Gard -Tarascon
  •  Tarascon – St.Gillen – Aigues Mortes -St. Marles de la Mer
  •  St. Marles de la Mer – St. Remy de Provence
  •  St.Remy de Provence – Bagnols les Bains
  •  Bagnols le Bains – Florac
  •  Florac – le Rozier
  •  Le Rozier – Lac du Salagon
  •  Lac du Salagon – Cirque de Navacelles – Brissac
  •  Brissac – Gignac – Ceilhes et Rocozels
  •  Ceilhes et Rocozels – Lyon
  •  Lyon – Maastricht – Zeeland

Highlights of this trip

– Aigues Mortes. A beautiful walled city. The walls and gates are completely intact.

-The camper site on the beach at Saintes Moules de la Mer. A pity that many campers leave before eight in order not to pay for the overnight stay. After eight the money is collected. So people have very expensive campers, but escape in order to avoid for paying Euro 13 to the local community. Pathetic people.

-Pont du Gard. A beautiful old aqueduct. Walking along the water with view on the aqueduct and of course the crossing over of the aqueduct.

-The Camargue. The Etang de Vaccares was the highlight. Storks, flamingos, herons in the hushed water of the Etang. Around the Camargue horses, unfortunately, a commercial circus has been set up. Our dogs were at the end of the day full of ticks. A real sport to find them all.

– St. Remy de Provence is a beautiful French town with a lot of references to Vincent van Gogh, who was nursed here in the psychiatric clinic in the Monastery Saint Paul de Mausole. Due to the heavy rains we were unfortunately stuck on the lawn of the campsite. We were very well assisted  by the ANWB (Dutch Automobile Association) who arranged a tow truck for us.

-A walk through Florac, which was described in Dominicus’s travel guide.

-We made a long walk at Chaos de Nimes le Vieux. Imposing rock formations in a beautiful landscape. Also, the road that runs from Meyrueis to Le Rozier is impressive. Beautiful rock faces with beautiful colors and reliefs.

-It is worth noting that we wanted to take a brisk walk in the Park the losers. We were warned by a Frenchman that it would be dangerous to walk with our dogs in the park. It was the time of the “Chenilles”. The procession caterpillars. These caterpillars fall from the trees and are attractive to dogs, but also horses, who eat them. However, these caterpillars are very toxic and the dogs will go to death. We are eternally grateful to this Frenchman.

-We changed our plans and visited Cirque de Navacelles. The road towards it, through forests and later a bare plateau, is exceptionally beautiful. The Cirque is a gorge carved by the river Vis. Very worthwhile, also the village in the valley.

-The Camping Mas D’Arbousse, near Ceilhes et Rocozels, was very nice We were welcomed in Dutch by a young French farmer with Dutch parents. He runs a small campsite in the middle of nowhere.



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