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Thank you for visiting our blog. Through this blog we would like to get in touch with other photographers, to get to know their work and above all to learn and get inspired. Hopefully you are also interested in our photos, which we kindly share with you. Our full portfolio is on SmugMug (click here) and in our posts there are separate links to specific folders and galleries on SmugMug.

Photography and traveling are the main topics of this blog.  In fact a combination of both. We like to travel with our buscamper in Europe. We publish very short travelogues under Camper Travels. The travelogues are published in both English and Dutch. Since it is always nice to receive feed-back, we kindly ask you to contact us through the contact form. You may also subscribe to our newsletter, that we will send out only a few times per year, when we have published a new post or published new photos.

Yvonne & Adriaan


Also we are bound to our home due to the Corona virus. Since we live on the country side, we are not so much affected as people who live in the big cities. Since we lived in South Europe for almost 15 years our heart is with the people in Italy and Spain, that are so much suffering. I hope that our politicians find a way out and work closely together to build on a safe and healthy future for all of us!

We planned to be in Greece this spring and explore the Peloponnesus. Hopefully we will be able to be there later this year or otherwise next year. There are more serious things right now. So with regard to new photos it is a bit quiet. We bought a new telezoom of Canon and we started shooting with it close to our home. Here below one of the first photos’s that we made with this lens. Let us all hope that we can do more photo shoots soonest and that times have changed to the positive. Take care!


Highland cattle
At the Westerschelde river in Zeeland