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Thank you for visiting our blog. Through this blog we would like to get in touch with other photographers, to get to know their work and above all to learn and get inspired. Hopefully you are also interested in our photos, which we kindly share with you. Our full portfolio is on SmugMug (click here) and in our posts there are separate links to specific folders and galleries on SmugMug.

Photography and traveling are the main topics of this blog.  In fact a combination of both. We like to travel with our buscamper in Europe. We publish very short travelogues under Camper Travels. The travelogues are published in both English and Dutch. Since it is always nice to receive feed-back, we kindly ask you to leave a comment or contact us through the contact form.

Yvonne & Adriaan

Coming soon

In 2019 we have uploaded travelogues and related photo series of our camper travels in Portugal, Denmark and recently Norway and Sweden. We are now working on a series about Hanze towns in the Netherlands. Here below a teaser with the skyline of Deventer.