Publications - Photo books and articles

We have made two photobooks with Blurb. And although we would like to publish the books, we believe that the selling prices would be too high in order to cover the costs of printing the books. At least with the quality that we have chosen for our books. 

Here below is an extract of the book that we have recently made in PDF format. The original book contains much more pages and photo’s. We will soon publish the PDF version of our earlier book Primavera in Salento here as well.

Since 1987, Lychnari has been the Dutch-language magazine about contemporary Greece, with the subtitle: “Explorations in today’s Greece“. It publishes a wide range of topics, such as: current affairs, political and social developments in the past and present, religion and church, history, language, Greek music, visual arts and literature, and much more. In the Winter issue 2022, Lychnari has included an article about our special interest in and photography  of Greek road chapels.

We have included the article (the text is in Dutch) below. If you are also interested in today’s Greece, click on this link: Lychnari.