Country Series


This is the 5th publication in our country series. Our intention is to share with you in one page our relation with the pertinent country.

Our relationship with Spain

Looking back, we’ve been to Spain quite many times. I don’t count the two holidays I (Adriaan) spent as an 18- 19-year-old in Benidorm and Lloret da Mar. Beach and going out, that was it.

The first time we went to Spain together was in the spring of 1993. With the Alfa Romeo Indy, camping for the first time. In Andalusia. For us, it was an adventure. The Sierra Nevada made a big impression. There was still plenty of snow. But we also liked the white villages of Andalusia. In November 2004 and January 2006, we went back to Andalusia. Ronda, Cordoba, and Sevilla were the highlights then.

In April 1994 we went to Madrid and Barcelona. For business I came very often in Barcelona and sometimes in Madrid. I only have good memories of these trips. I got along very well with my Spanish colleagues. 

In 2008 we visited La Gomera for a week. La Gomera is after El Hierro, the smallest of the inhabited Canary Islands.

Some years ago, we bought a bus camper. In 2018 we made a trip in northern Spain and in 2019 we explored Extremadura on our way to Portugal. In October 2022 we made a one month trip through the inland of Spain. We travelled in Castilla y León, Extremadura, Andalusía and Castilla- La Mancha. In 2023 we travelled about 5 weeks in the border area with Portugal and already in August 2023 we returned to Spain and explored the North West of Spain and visited Santiago de Compostela. We have posted travelogues in our BLOG ( Please click).

We still have a lot to discover in Spain. We like to travel in southern Europe. Nature is beautiful, the cities charataristic , a rich culture and an interesting history. Add to that the food, the climate, and the friendliness of the people, then it is good to be there, enjoy the beauty and make hopefully some stunning photos.

Our photo galleries

Here below we have links to our Spanish  photo galleries, that we have published on SmugMug. By clicking on the name you will be directed to pertinent gallery on SmugMug. 


Flamenco dancing and accompanying music come from the south of Spain and contain influences from Greek, Roman, Indian, Moorish and Jewish cultures. When the Moors and the Jews came to the Iberian Peninsula, influences from these new cultures were incorporated into the thriving music and dance world of southern Spain. Contemporary flamenco dance and music are the result of the centuries-long blending of all these cultures.

It is always nice to photograph in a country with a certain theme, which runs like a thread through the photo series. We went to a flamenco evening twice in Spain. Flamenco is performed with so much passion and is so colorful that flamenco could be a beautiful theme. I hope that in the future we can show a Flamenco photo series that we both can be proud of.