Capturing light with a camera and create a picture

Thank you for visiting our website. Through this website we would like to get in touch with other photographers and/or travellers, to get to know their work and above all to learn and get inspired. Hopefully you are also interested in our photos, which we kindly share with you. Our full portfolio is on SmugMug , which you are welcome to visit. In our posts there are also separate links to specific folders and galleries on SmugMug.

Photography and travelling are the main topics of this blog.  In fact a combination of both. We like to travel with our buscamper in Europe. We publish consise travelogues, which are published in both English and Dutch. Since it is always nice to receive feed-back, we kindly ask you to contact us through the contact form. 

Yvonne & Adriaan


Sales – We are happy to announce that as from today you will be able to order paper prints and wall art from our photo’s that we have made in Greece, Spain and Portugal through SmugMug. You will also be able to buy personal photo downloads. 

During March and April 2023 we have made a long trip to Spain and Portugal. We crossed borders several times. All photo’s of this journey have now been uploaded on SmugMug. Our Travelogue Spain and Portugal 2023 (please click) has just been published. Here you will find relevant links to our photo’s.

In October 2022 we have been travelling with our buscamper through Spain, mainly the inland of Spain. We have posted a detailed travelogue of our journey, Travelogue Spain 2022 (please click) in our BLOG where you will also find links to our photo series on SmugMug.  Earlier we posted already two articles in our BLOG related to this trip: Mogarraz and Mirador de la Memoria ( please click). On our way back from Spain we visited in France the village Oradour-sur Glane, which was hit so hard in WWII. Please click here to read more about the tragedy that took place on June 10, 1944.