About Us



Thank you for showing interest in our site! Here below a short introduction to who we are.

We are an elderly couple (60+), but still young at heart. We live with our two dogs in Zeeland ( Netherlands) in an old cottage at a dike. We have lived, before settling ourselves in Zeeland, in Greece for six years and in Italy for eight years. Yvonne likes photography, but is mainly active during holidays and she has some private photo projects. Adriaan has a real passion for photography, since his childhood. He reads a lot about photography, visits exhibitions and likes to take photos, develop them in LightRoom and publish them on our website.

Since three years we have a camperbus and we love to be on the road with our dogs and photo equipment, just where the wind blows us.

It would be nice if you leave a message, when you like our site. And if you have a have web site yourself, please include a link.

Yvonne and Adriaan