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Campo de Criptana

Travelogue Spain 2022

travelogue Spain 2022 Travelogue of our camper trip through Spain, that we made in October 2022. In the autumn  of 2022, we travelled through...

El Cerro "Mirador de la Memoria"

Mirador de la memoria

Stories Mirador de la Memoria A tribute to all the victims of the Spanish Civil War The Silence of Others The Silence of Others,...



Stories Mogarraz A story about a small Spanish village, a photographer and a painter Portraits on the walls Mogarraz is a municipality located in...


Oradour-sur-Glane Souviens toi – Remember

Stories Oradour-sur-Glane Souviens toi – Remember The drama of Oradour-sur-Glane In 2021 we visited the village of Kalávryta in the Peloponnese in Greece, where...


The Muslim community in Thrace

Stories The Muslim community in Thrace First introduction to Thrace On our last trip through Greece, where the focus was on the north of...

Ancient Philippi

Travelogue – Greece 2022

travelogue Greece 2022 Travelogue of our camper trip through Greece, that we made in April – May 2022. In the fall of 2021, we...

Seal pup at the Westerschelde

Seals at the Westerschelde river

Stories Seals at the Westerschelde river Encounters in the early morning with young seals at the Westerschelde in Zeeland The location Every morning we...

Buren van de Abdij

About photographers

Through this post we would like to share with you links to photographers and photo sites that do inspire us and hopefully will also...

near Distomo

Sacred little houses of Greece

Stories Sacred little houses of Greece A story about kandilakia or proskynitaria, or as the vernacular also calls them ikonnísmata or ekklisákia, ‘devotion houses’...

Agia Pelagia

On the road with our camper

In 2016 we bought our first camper. We wanted to travel together with our two dogs and be free to go and stay where...

Vikos Gorge, Zagori

Travelogue – Epirus and Central Greece 2021

Travelogue Epirus and Central Greece 2021 After having finished our round tour on te Peloponnese, we fortunately had still a few days for making...


Travelogue – The Peloponnese 2021

TRAVELOGUE The Peloponnese 2021 Period: 7 September 2021 – 23 October 2021. Distance: 8.290 km. Finally, we were able to travel again, although Covid-19...

Agia Marina sti Nerou

Travelogue – Kythira 2021

Travelogue Kythira 2021 In September and October this year we made a tour on the Peloponnese. We took the opportunity to fulfil a longterm...

AntwerpPhoto Festival 2021

AntwerpPhoto 2021

Photography AntwerpPhoto 2021 Antwerp, 26-06 > 26-09-2021 Antwerp – Flanders’ photography city Finally it felt safe to travel again to Belgium. I knew that...


Rotterdam – The Depot

Rotterdam The Depot The Depot of the museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Hidden Treasures Rotterdam is, I believe, one of the most interesting and beautiful...


Rome – The eternal city

Travel Rome – The eternal city A city trip to Rome in 2013 In December 2013 we made a city trip to Rome and...



In May 2021 we made two short camper trips to the province of Limburg. Limburg is perhaps the most beautiful province in the Netherlands...


Cities of the Hanseatic League – II

The first time that we wrote about the Hanseatic League was in 2019 when we visited Deventer, Kampen and Hattem. This year, 2021, we...


Photography books

Books of inspiration Over the years we have collected many books of photographers who inspired us. We will update this post on a regular...


Sicily 2014

Travel Sicily – Trinacria Since we have updated most of our photos of our Sicily series, we believe it fits better into our travel...

via Benedetto Cairoli, Lecce

Travelogue – South Italy

Primavera in Salento In 2015 we lived in Lecce for about two months. We rented an apartment in the middle of the old town....

School girls

Down memory lane – Istanbul

Stories Down memory lane – Istanbul One of the most beautiful cities in the world In September 1993 we visited Istanbul for the first...


The cemetery of Bagolino

When we travel we often visit cemeteries. All the graves have a story to tell. The graves represent families, elderly people who have a...

Holmhäller Naturreservat

Sweden 2020 – Gotland

We were very happy to be finally on the road again with our camper at the end of August 2020. Covid-19 changed the world...

Helgumannen Fiskeläge

Sweden 2020 – Fårö

When we travelled on Gotland we also visited the small island Fårö, which is located north of Gotland. With the ferry it takes only...

Holms Fiskeläge

Travelogue – Sweden 2020

Travelogue Sweden Travelogue of our campertrip in Sweden , that we made in August – September 2020. Period: 25 August 2020 – 18 September...


Denmark 2020 – Dodekalitten

A monument for the coming time The Dodecalith, in Greek ” The twelve stone”, is a unique art project in Lolland, Denmark. The project...

Sjak Zwier - Guitar builder

Sjak Zwier – guitar builder

When leaving Greece in 1999 I got as present from my Greek colleagues an old bouzouki. We love Greek music and we have been...

Highland cattle

Highland cattle at the Westerschelde river

The Westerschelde river is very close to our house, in fact it is at the end of the small rural road along which we...


Cities of the Hanseatic League

The Hanseatic League was a commercial and defensive confederation of merchant guilds and market towns in Northwestern and Central Europe. Growing from a few North...

windmill on Öland

Sweden 2019

In August and September 2019 we made a round trip in Scandinavia. We started in Jutland in Denmark, then took the boat to the...

Sognefjellet route

Norway 2019

In August and September 2019 we made a round trip in Scandinavia. We started in Jutland in Denmark and took the boat from Hirtshals...

Borgholms Slott

Travelogue – Scandinavia 2019

Travelogue Scandinavia 2019 A brief travelogue of a roundtrip that we made in the late summer of 2019 with our buscamper in the south...

Sao Pedro das Cabecas

Portugal 2019

In March and April 2019 we have been traveling with our buscamper on the Iberian peninsula.  A nice journey which started in the Extremadura...

Bulbjerg, Denmark

Denmark 2019

In May 2017 we traveled for the first time with our camper to Denmark and visited Jutland. As reference we followed the  Margueritruten (daisy...


Story “The Westergren family”

Art in Denmark – The Westergren Family On our latest journey in Denmark we suddenly came across a group of sculptures on a hill....


Travelogue – Denmark 2017 – 2019

Travelogue Denmark Concise travelogues of our camper trips in Denmark, driving the Margueriten route of 3.700 km. Period: 20 May 2017-30 May 2017. Distance:...

Sao Pedro das Cabecas

Travelogue – Spain and Portugal 2019

Travelogue Spain and Portugal 2019 A roundtrip with our buscamper that we made in the spring of 2019 in Portugal, which started in the...


In Flanders Fields

A new long term project, that  I started to work on is the Great War. Regretfully, due to Covid-19, the project is temporarily on...


Travelogue – Northern Spain 2018

travelogue Northern Spain 2018 Travelogue of our camper trip in Northern Spain, that we made in September 2018. In September 2018 we made a...

Along the road

Travelogue – Greece, the mainland – 2017

travelogue Greece, the mainland, 2017 Travelogue of our camper trip through the mainland of Greece, that we made in September – October 2017. In...


Old camera’s

Agfa Clack – how it all began The picture left shows the first camera in our family. My father bought it during our first...


Travelogue – Nederland 2018

travelogueNederland 2018A one week camper trip through the north of The Netherlands. In April 2018 we initially wanted to travel along the Wadden in...


Gear and stuff

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV We are photographing with mainly two cameras, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV ( Adriaan) and the Canon EOS...