Travel photography

Travel photography

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Posts related to travel photography. Topics not covered in our travelogues.

July 21, 2021

Rome – The eternal city

Travel Rome – The eternal city A city trip to Rome in 2013 In December 2013 we made a city trip to Rome and...

July 4, 2021


In May 2021 we made two short camper trips to the province of Limburg. Limburg is perhaps the most beautiful province in the Netherlands...

April 2, 2021

Sicily 2014

Travel Sicily – Trinacria Since we have updated most of our photos of our Sicily series, we believe it fits better into our travel...

Holmhäller Naturreservat
November 1, 2020

Sweden 2020 – Gotland

We were very happy to be finally on the road again with our camper at the end of August 2020. Covid-19 changed the world...

Helgumannen Fiskeläge
November 1, 2020

Sweden 2020 – Fårö

When we travelled on Gotland we also visited the small island Fårö, which is located north of Gotland. With the ferry it takes only...

November 1, 2020

Denmark 2020 – Dodekalitten

A monument for the coming time The Dodecalith, in Greek ” The twelve stone”, is a unique art project in Lolland, Denmark. The project...

windmill on Öland
October 8, 2019

Sweden 2019

In August and September 2019 we made a round trip in Scandinavia. We started in Jutland in Denmark, then took the boat to the...

Sognefjellet route
September 26, 2019

Norway 2019

In August and September 2019 we made a round trip in Scandinavia. We started in Jutland in Denmark and took the boat from Hirtshals...

Sao Pedro das Cabecas
July 4, 2019

Portugal 2019

In March and April 2019 we have been traveling with our buscamper on the Iberian peninsula.  A nice journey which started in the Extremadura...

Bulbjerg, Denmark
June 24, 2019

Denmark 2019

In May 2017 we traveled for the first time with our camper to Denmark and visited Jutland. As reference we followed the  Margueritruten (daisy...