Estação de Aveiro

Travelogue Spain and Portugal 2024

travelogue Spain and Portugal 2024 Travelogue of our camper trip through Spain and Portugal that we made in March 2024. When we left Zeeland, we didn’t have a definite plan. However, it was certain that we would go to Spain and Portugal. Due to the bad weather, it would be a shorter trip than we initially planned, but still it turned out to be a beautiful and special trip. We hope to continue the journey in the not-too-distant future. We […]

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Series_ Pilgrimage Portugal

Pilgrimage in Portugal – Fátima Photo impressions of our visit to Fátima, one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in the world. It was in this desolate place that Mary is said to have appeared to three children on the thirteenth of each month from May to October 1917. We were impressed by how the people here practice their faith.

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Country Series Portugal This is the third publication in our country series. Our intention is to share with you in one page our relation with the pertinent country. Our relationship with Portugal We both became interested in Portugal when, on 25 April 1974, the  Carnation Revolution broke out in Portugal, transferring Portugal into a democratic country. In 1976, the first democratic elections were held, and the sympathetic Mário Soares became prime minister. By chance, Yvonne was there when Soares arrived  by train […]

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Santiago de Compostela

Travelogue Spain and Portugal 2023 (2)

travelogue Spain and Portugal 2023 (2) Travelogue of our camper trip through Spain and Portugal that we made in August and September 2023 with a stop in Normandy in France Although the plan was to travel to the Lofoten in Norway this summer, we had to change our plans and instead we travelled to the south of Europe. We first spent a few days in Normandy in France and then we went south to Spain and Portugal. Our visits to […]

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Cemeteries – The Portugal series

Cemeteries The Portugal series Our second series of cemeteries in Europe. The photo’s have been taken on the cemeteries of Bunheiro, Obidos, Soajo, Viana Alentejo, São Bento, Terena and Mértola.

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Bullfighting – arenas and posters

Stories Bullfighting – arenas and posters A short introduction to our interest in bullfighting arenas and more Bull fighting is not a sport. It was never supposed to be. It is a tragedy. In recent years we regularly travelled with our buscamper through the inland of Spain and Portugal. In most villages and towns there is a bullfighting arena and we both find it fascinating to visit and photograph the local bullring in the places we visit. It is fantastic […]

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Travelogue – Spain and Portugal 2023

travelogue Spain and Portugal 2023 Travelogue of our camper trip through Spain and Portugal, that we made in early spring 2023. In the winter period we both suffer from the winter blues. A good remedy for this is to look for the warmth of the sun and that is what we did. At the beginning of March, we left for Southern Europe to the border area of Spain and Portugal. The weather gods were good to us and during the […]

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São Pedro das Cabeças

Travelogue – Spain and Portugal 2019

Travelogue Spain and Portugal 2019 A roundtrip with our buscamper that we made in the spring of 2019 in Portugal, which started in the Extremadura in Spain. 14 March 2019 – 8 April 2019. Distance: 7,145 Km Photo gallery The photo’s of this journey have been uploaded on SmugMug in the Portugal folder and they are merged with photo’s of our later and earlier travels in Portugal. The link:  Portugal .  The photo’s of Extremadura are incorporated in the series: Extremadura. […]

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