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Travelogue Spain and Portugal 2024

travelogue Spain and Portugal 2024 Travelogue of our camper trip through Spain and Portugal that we made in March 2024. When we left Zeeland, we didn’t have a definite plan. However, it was certain that we would go to Spain and Portugal. Due to the bad weather, it would be a shorter trip than we initially planned, but still it turned out to be a beautiful and special trip. We hope to continue the journey in the not-too-distant future. We […]

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Country Series Portugal This is the third publication in our country series. Our intention is to share with you in one page our relation with the pertinent country. Our relationship with Portugal We both became interested in Portugal when, on 25 April 1974, the  Carnation Revolution broke out in Portugal, transferring Portugal into a democratic country. In 1976, the first democratic elections were held, and the sympathetic Mário Soares became prime minister. By chance, Yvonne was there when Soares arrived  by train […]

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