Dodekalitten – A monument for the coming time


The Dodecalith, in Greek ” The twelve stone”, is a unique art project in Lolland, Denmark. The project consists of twelve menhirs, carved in granite and each weighing 25-45 tons. Each menhir is 7-9 metres high. The Dodoecalith is located in “the Lolland Alps”, on hills overlooking the Archipelago. Between the figures are natural sitting stones from which spatial electro acoustic music, specially created for the Dodecalith, sounds every day. The story of the Dodecalith goes back 7.500 years, when the greatest natural disaster of the time occurred. The isthmus of the Bosporus burst, so the Mediterranean waters gushed into the Black Sea 150 metres below. This caused a flood, that started major migrations with people reaching as far as Lolland.

With the sculpturing of one stone a year, the Dodecalith is now halfway through it’s 12-year horizon. The sculptor is Thomas Kadziola, the composer of the music is Wayne Siegel.

Since we will hopefully often travel through Denmark in the future, we hope to see the yearly progress of this fantastic project and also reflect that in photos of the new sculptures. You want to see more photo’s? Please click here: Dodekalitten.

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