Travelogue – Nederland 2018

Period 17 April 2018 – 25 April 2018.  Distance 1,240 km.


  • Zeeland – Den Oever
  • Den Oever – Afsluitdijk – Pinjum – Harlingen – Brantgum
  • Brantgum – Ameland – Hegebeintum
  • Hegebeintum – Lichtaard – Jannum – Moddergat  – Lauwersmeer
  • Lauwersmeer – Pieterburen – Noordpolderzijl -Termunterzijl
  • Termunterzijl – Bourtange – Westerbork- Nijetrijne
  • Nijetrijne – de Weerribben – Sloten
  • Sloten – Gaasterland – Molkwerum
  • Molkwerum – Zeeland

Photo gallery

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Highlights of this trip

We initially wanted to travel along the Wadden in the Netherlands and Germany, but we “got stuck”  in our northern provinces, Friesland and Groningen.

-The Afsluitdijk was a nice start. An important part of the Zuiderzee works. It remains impressive. The dike is 32 km long and was completed in 1932.

-The village Pinjum turned out to be a small Frisian jewel.

– Harlingen, one of the Frisian 11 cities is a city full of character. Wonderful to stroll through Harlingen with this beautiful spring weather. Beautiful old buildings and uniquely situated on the water.

– Ameland was not our expected top highlight. Too many tourists and too many second homes. We feel that the original character has disappeared.

-The Church of Hegebeintum, built on a mound.

-The what a resident of Lichtaard said of the little Church on the mound: a poor louse church. Beautiful because of the simplicity.

-The village Jannum, consisting of a church, indeed built on a mound, a farm and some cottages.

-The village Moddergat. A beautiful fishing village at the Waddensea. Over the dike, a beautiful landscape with lots of sheep and lambs.

-The Lauwersmeer.

-The ‘gemaal” at Noordpolderzijl with the smallest seaport in the Netherlands.

– Termunterzijl to the EMS.

-The trip to camp Westerbork was a disappointment. We have not dealt well with our heritage. Everything is gone. Too sad for words.

– Nijetrijne, a delightful spot by the water, at Driewegsluis.

-National Park de Weerribben.

– Sloten, the smallest of the 11 Frisian cities.

-The Bell Chairs In Friesland.

-The Frisians and people from Groningen. Very friendly.

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