Monthly:October 2018

Old camera’s

Agfa Clack – how it all began The picture left shows the first camera in our family. My father bought it during our first holiday in Holland when I was very young. More than 50 years ago. I believe he paid about 10 Euro for it. It was a very simple basic black box. You had to make a choice whether it was a sunny day or a cloudy day. And two choices for the distance. Of course it was […]

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Travelogue – Nederland 2018

Period 17 April 2018 – 25 April 2018.  Distance 1,240 km. Route Zeeland – Den Oever Den Oever – Afsluitdijk – Pinjum – Harlingen – Brantgum Brantgum – Ameland – Hegebeintum Hegebeintum – Lichtaard – Jannum – Moddergat  – Lauwersmeer Lauwersmeer – Pieterburen – Noordpolderzijl -Termunterzijl Termunterzijl – Bourtange – Westerbork- Nijetrijne Nijetrijne – de Weerribben – Sloten Sloten – Gaasterland – Molkwerum Molkwerum – Zeeland Photo gallery We invite you to see the photo’s of our trip on: SmugMug […]

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Fotografia – Camper Travels

On the road with our camper In 2016 we bought our first camper. We wanted to travel together with our two dogs and be free to go and stay where it is good. Business trips to the farthest places we had made enough. Now there is finally time and space for us. Although we can’t make very long trips yet, because our very old parents need us these days. Nothing is nicer than being on the road together in our […]

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