Sweden 2020 – Gotland

Holmhäller Naturreservat

We were very happy to finally be on the road again with our camper at the end of August 2020. Covid-19 changed the world and also our world. At the end of August Sweden went from orange/red into yellow on the Covid-19 map. With our buscamper we could to a great extent travel safely. At least no more risks than in Holland. There were not any longer restrictions. The main destination was Gotland. Last year we visited Öland and we liked Öland so much that we planned to visit Gotland as soon as we could. Gotland is a beautiful island and the four of us had a great time on the island. We made many photos and  and it was difficult to limit the number of photos on our photo site.

We would highly appreciate if you visit our special portfolio of Gotland on our SmugMug website. Here is the link: Gotland. On our travelogue Sweden 2020 (see the menu above) we have described briefly the highlights of our travel to Sweden and in fact it compliments our photos.

Here below, please find some photos, meant as a teaser:


Sweden 2020 – Fårö

Helgumannen Fiskeläge

After a long period of semi-quarantine and privately a difficult time we could at the end of august finally travel with our buscamper to Sweden. Because of Covid-19 Sweden was for a long period an orange country, but at the end of august it turned yellow. We choose Sweden, since we felt southern Europe was a too high risk and Scandinavia is quiet and less populated. The good thing is that we can avoid a lot of unwanted contacts, because we travel with our buscamper. We decided to visit Gotland. Last year we visited Öland and we expected that Gotland would be as beautiful as Öland. And it is! We travelled for almost 4 weeks on Gotland, the small island Fårö, which is close to Gotland and we went back to Öland as well. We will publish a travelogue of our journey later. And since we made so many photos we now only publish photos of Fårö, where we stayed regretfully for a too short period. We simply have to revisit Fårö again.

Here below some photos of our Fårö series. More can be seen here: Fårö

Rauks in the Langhammer Naturreservat

Helgumannen Fiskeläge

Gamla Hamn Naturreservat

Farmhouse and sheepfold




Sweden 2019

windmill on Öland

In August and September 2019 we made a round trip in Scandinavia. We started in Jutland in Denmark, then took the boat to the south west of Norway, and then we traveled, because of the bad weather conditions in Norway to the south of Sweden. We started on the south west coast of Sweden and also visited the island Öland. Although we have been to Stockholm for business many times, we never had the opportunity to travel through Sweden. We fell in love with this beautiful country and we will in the coming years for sure explore more of Sweden.

Here below some extracts for our photo series that we made in Sweden. For our full series, please visit our gallery on SmugMug (please click here).

If you would like to know more about the places that we have visited and have taken our photo’s, please go to our post Travelogue Scandinavia 2019.



Norway 2019

Sognefjellet route

In August and September this year we made a round trip in Scandinavia. We started in Jutland in Denmark and took the boat from Hirtshals to Kristiansand in Norway. This time we traveled  in the south of Norway. It was our aim to go further up north, but due to the very bad weather conditions, we decided to go south and traveled through to the south of Sweden and visited the island Öland.

We have been many times in Norway, but mainly in the vicinity of Oslo. Our wish is to explore every year a part of Scandinavia. The nature is so pure and beautiful and there is, compared with our homecountry, space to live and breath. Also the light is for us photographers is a gift. Please find here below an extract of our new series. The full series can be found on SmugMug (click here).

If you would like to know more about the places that we have visited and have taken our photo’s, please go to our post Travelogue Scandinavia 2019.


Portugal 2019


In March and April we have been traveling with our buscamper on the Iberian peninsula.  A nice journey which started in the Extremadura in Spain and then we traveled through Portugal. In Portugal we started our journey in our so beloved Alentejo region. Then towards the most southwestern point of the Iberian Peninsula, Cabo The São Vicente. We continued our journey along the Atlantic coast and partly inlands northward. And finally traversing the north of Portugal, along the river Douro, direction Spanish border (Chaves), where our journey ended. Lisbon, Porto, certain parts of the Alentejo and the Algarve we have visited in earlier years and were therefore not visited this time but of course well worth a trip.

When you click on this link you will be directed to our photo gallery with our photo’s of Portugal: SmugMug. The photos of the Extremadura we will publish at a later stage. Here below a small extract of our extensive photo gallery on SmugMug.

Santuario de Nossa Senhora da Lapa, Braga

Photos taken in Terena, a very small village, along the road from Estremoz to Elvas.

Sunrise at  São Pedro das Cabecas with a 360 degree’s view of the surrounding area 

Cais Palafitico do Porto da Carrasqueira, a characteristic very small tidal port in the delta of the Sado River

Nazaré. Beautiful beach with a beautiful old town with colourful narrow streets.

In the villages Soajo and Lindoso are really wonderful groups of espiqueiros.


Denmark 2019

Rubjerg Knude

In May 2017 we travelled for the first time with our camper to Denmark and visited Jutland. As reference we followed the  Margueritruten (daisy route). Denmark is a very beautiful country and has all ingredients that we so much like: the sea, the coast, islands, nice rural areas, friendly people and space to breath and travel. We went back in May 2018 and  followed the southern part of the route. We have been to the islands Ærø, Funen, Langeland, Lolland, Falster, Møn and Sjælland. It seems that it has become a tradition to visit Denmark in spring. In 2019 we travelled on Djursland, the island Samsø and the northern part of Sjælland. The total length of the Margueritruten is 3.700 km’s and we have not yet finished the complete route. 

The photos of our travels you will find on our SmugMug site (please click) in a special folder containing galleries of of the above mentioned journeys, together with special series of the Æero island beach huts,  Møns Klint, Jylland at the sea, Lighthouses, the yellow fields of Jutland, Men at Sea and a Monochrome gallery. Here below you will find some extracts from our Denmark folder:

Møns Klint




The yellow fields

Beach huts at Ærø island


Spain 2018

Bodegas in Dueñas

In September we have been traveling with our camper through the North of Spain. We had a great time in this beautiful part of Spain. We started in the mountains of the Picos de Europe and then continued our journey along the north west coast of Spain. The last week we moved downwards and stayed in a rural area in Ampudia.

Please click on the link below, which will bring you to the serie in SmugMug where we have made a selection of the many photos we have made during our journey. Further below we have uploaded an extract of our photo gallery in SmugMug. But again it is worthwhile to see all our photo’s on Smugmug.

The North of Spain

Mallos de Riglos, Aragon


Bodega’s in Castilla y León



Greece 2017


The gallery of the month is a serie of photos taken during our camper trip on Greece’s mainland, in the land of the Souliots. Souli (Greek: Σούλι) is a municipality in Epirus, northwestern Greece. It was originally settled by both Greek and Albanian refugees who sought refuge in the mountainous terrain from the Ottomans, coming from areas such as Laberia in what became Albania and Thesprotia in what became Greece. In early modern times, it was inhabited by about 12,000 Souliotes. More photos of Greece’s mainland can be found on SmugMug in the folder Greece.

The Dance of Zalongo refers to the mass suicide of women from Souli and their children during the Souliote War of 1803, near the village of Zalongo in Epirus, in the then-Ottoman Empire. It occurred on 16 December 1803. In order to avoid capture and enslavement, the women threw their children first and then themselves off a steep cliff, committing suicide. According to the legend, they jumped down the precipice one after the other while singing and dancing. More photos can be found on our SmugMug photo site.