Country Series Italy This is the second publication in our country series. Our intention is to share with you in one page our relation with the pertinent country. Our relationship with Italy  Yvonne visited Italy from her early childhood. From the age of ten she went on summer vacation to Italy, with the Volkswagen Beetle and an Alpine cruiser made by her father, camping with the family at Lago di Levico. I’d never been to Italy until 1991. In 1991 […]

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Rome – The eternal city

Travel Rome – The eternal city A city trip to Rome in 2013 In December 2013 we made a city trip to Rome and when redeveloping the photo series recently, we thought it might be of interest to dedicate a blog post to it. What we find a nice aspect of traveling is to stroll around a city at our leisure, observe and try to find beauty in small things, but also in animals and people and capture this in our […]

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Sicily 2014

Travel Sicily – Trinacria Since we have updated most of our photos of our Sicily series, we believe it fits better into our travel portfolio now. Since we had to develop our photos again of our Sicily trip and also updated our photos with GPS coordinates, to the extent possible, we believe the series fit better in our travel portfolio.  We made a roundtrip on Sicily in 2014 with a Cinquecento that we rented at the airport. First some facts. […]

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via Benedetto Cairoli, Lecce

Travelogue – South Italy

Primavera in Salento In 2015 we lived in Lecce for about two months. We rented an apartment in the middle of the old town. During the weekends and the Easter week we explored Puglia and Basilicata. In 2017, on a trip with our camper to Greece, we visited Monopoli and Polignano a Mare. In 2015, Lecce, a beautiful city, was our home base.  In the evening we regularly went out for dinner and almost every evening and on weekends we […]

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The cemetery of Bagolino

When we travel we often visit cemeteries. All the graves have a story to tell. The graves represent families, elderly people who have a long life behind them with a lot of memories, but also young people that did not get a chance to build up a complete life. When you walk along the graves, your own memories come to the surface. Memories to our parents who are not with us anymore or friends who died too young. Some cemeteries are […]

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