Ancient Philippi

Travelogue – Greece 2022

travelogue Greece 2022 Travelogue of our camper trip through Greece, that we made in April – May 2022. In the fall of 2021, we made a tour on the Peloponnese and visited the island of Kythira and we traveled through Epirus for a few days. In 2022 we returned to Greece in the spring. In the Peloponnese we wanted to (re)visit a number of archaeological sites and explore Thessaly, Macedonia, Thrace, and Epirus. On our way to Greece, we visited […]

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Sacred little houses of Greece

Stories Sacred little houses of Greece A story about kandilakia or proskynitaria, or as the vernacular also calls them ikonnísmata or ekklisákia, ‘devotion houses’ or ‘road churches’ Capturing kandilakia From the time that we lived in Greece Yvonne has been interested in the sacred little houses of Greece. The verges of the Greek roads are full of them. They come in all shapes and sizes, most of them are made of concrete or iron, you have large and small, coarsely […]

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Vikos Gorge, Zagori

Travelogue – Epirus and Central Greece 2021

After having finished our round tour on te Peloponnese,  we fortunately had still a few days for making a trip to Epirus, to the Zagori. During this time of the year, mid October, it is Indian Summer in Epirus. Photo series Since we have recently organised our photos of our camper travels in Greece in Regions, the photos of the this particular journey can be found in our series Epirus, Western Greece and Central Greece and Attica. The photo series […]

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Travelogue – The Peloponnese 2021

Period: 7 September 2021 – 23 October 2021. Distance: 8.290 km. Finally, we were able to travel again, although Covid-19 was still around. We have been vaccinated, but we strictly applied the necessary safety measures. For us, that meant keeping distance, wearing masks in public places, taking hygiene seriously, staying in our own bubble as much as possible Photo series We have a very extensive photo series of our trip on SmugMug. Click here  for the link. It was a […]

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Agia Marina sti Nerou

Travelogue – Kythira 2021

Travelogue – Kythira 2021 In September and October this year we made a tour on the Peloponnese. We took the opportunity to fulfil a longterm wish of Yvonne, i.e. to visit Kythira. In Neapoli we took the boat to the island Kythira. The title of Frank van Weerde’s book, see here below, is: “Kythira, just a special island”. And that’s exactly what Kythira is. We found it to be one of the most beautiful islands of our “Greek islands list”. […]

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Country Series Greece This is the first publication in our country series. Our intention is to share with you in one page our relation with the pertinent country. Our relationship with Greece Our first introduction to Greece was in 1985 when we spent a holiday on Crete. We didn’t know at that time that years later we would live and work in Greece. From 1993 to 1999 we lived in Kifissia a suburb of Athens and Adriaan worked in Piraeus. […]

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Along the road

Travelogue – Greece 2017

Greece the mainland Period: 9 September 2017-10 October 2017. Distance: 7,625 KM. Photo gallery You are kindly invited to see the photos of our trip on:  SmugMug Route Zeeland – Vilsberg Lorraine Les Bouleaux Vilsberg – Palazzago (Italy) (we lived here for 8 years) Palazzago – Ancona Ancona – Manfredonia Manfredonia – Bari – Igoumenitsa Igoumenitsa – Ioannina Ioannina – Aristi (Voimatis) – Papingo Papingo – Kastoria Kastoria – Agios Germanos – Agios Achilios -Psarades (Prespa Lake) Psarades – Nea […]

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Land of the Souliots

Greece 2017

In 2017 we made the first real long trip with our buscamper. We travelled to Greece and we explored the main land, with the intention to continue our journey on the Peloponnesos in 2019. Regretfully we had to postpone this trip.   One of the most beautiful areas on the main land is the land of the Souliots. Souli (Greek: Σούλι) is a municipality in Epirus, northwestern Greece. It was originally settled by both Greek and Albanian refugees who sought refuge in the mountainous terrain […]

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